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We are a leading global manufacturer of electronic devices, supplying some 40,000 different components to around 2,000 companies that produce automobiles, home appliances, mobile devices and industrial machinery all over the world. Our products may not always be directly visible to their users, but they do play vital roles in many items used by people every day.

Alps Company (former Alps Electric) gets involved right from the development stage, building close partnerships with electronics manufacturers—our customers—to make sure the best electronic components are available at all times. Our unique monozukuri style allows us to stay attuned to the market and respond quickly to its diverse needs, and by refining our approach we will keep putting forward unique, innovative and superior products.

Alps Company’s (former Alps Electric) approach to monozukuri (encompassing all aspects of product creation) is summed up in the phrase, “perfecting the art of electronics.” By this we mean creating products that are right, unique and green. Besides a refined appearance, products must be of high quality and perform the desired function while having little impact on the environment because they are energy- and resource-efficient.

For over 70 years, Alps has developed and refined numerous proprietary technologies and we remain dedicated to perfecting the art of electronics through ongoing technological advancement and innovation, and also now through fusion with, and use of, Alpine’s expertise in system design and software development.

A corporation must earn the trust of all stakeholders—customers, shareholders, local communities and employees. A corporation must also seek harmony with the natural environment.

At Alps, we see ourselves as crew members of Spaceship Earth as it travels through space, believing that each and every one of us must strive for harmonious co-existence among humans, and between humans and the environment. This is in line with our philosophy—Alps creates new value that satisfies stakeholders and is friendly to the Earth.

Alps Company (former Alps Electric) will persist in this pursuit of value until comfortable, affluent lifestyles are attained by all.

Read on to learn more about Alps Company (former Alps Electric) and the electronic devices we make.

Product Lines

  • Sensors
    • Magnetic, Geomagnetic, Position Sensor
    • Humidity, Pressure, Resistive Sensors
  • TACT Switch
    • Snap-in Type, SMD
    • Radial Type, Contact sheet
  • Switches
    • Detector, Slide, Push, Rotary Switches
    • Power, Dual-in-line Package Switches
  • Encoder
    • Absolute, Incremental
    • Magnetic, Ring Type
  • Potentiometers
    • Rotary, Ring, Slide
  • Connectors
    • For Memory Card, Spring Contact
  • Communication Modules
    • GNSS, BT Modules, LAN
  • Multi Control Devices
    • Potentiometer, Switch Type
  • Aspherical Glass Lens
  • Power Inductors, Current Sensors
  • Toroidal Coil, Actuators, Energy Harvester
  • HAPRIC Reactor, Touch Input Devices
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