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Nordic Light designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of high performance, energy efficient light fixtures. Headquartered in Skelleftea, Sweden, Nordic Light own and operate factories delivering cost-effective production and procurement for worldwide distribution.

A discrete appearance of Scandinavian design and environmentally friendly supply chain.

Modular Trunking

The SPLINE is a complete lighting system for all kinds of applications (see image NL2). Developed from the ground up with installation, flexibility, and efficiency in mind, the SPLINE system consists of separate trunking units, LED battens and track lighting units

Tool-less installation

Great Flexibility

LED Batten – Top performing mid-power LED chips mounted on MCPCB’s with high purity PC lenses. Thermal management at its optimal and color stability assured over time with the minimum optical loss (see image LS4)

Optic choice of Medium, Flood, Asymmetric and Single Asymmetric.

Track Batten – a 3 phase track where all of NL accent lighting can be mounted

Cover Batten – To cover the trunking units where no lights are mounted

Emergency Batten – An integrated emergency light control and battery. Available as 1hr and 3hr emergency light versions. Compatible with Dali interface. (see image LS5)

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