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Nexcomm Asia – Electronic Product Design Services

Our Engineering services team is committed in value-adding to customers in the journey of, “turning their idea into mass manufacturable and field-deployable product”. Every one of our design starts with keeping in mind, “the reliability” of the product to work in its specified environment, while meeting optimal material cost and the time-to-market.

Our engineering services range from, “early engagement with customers to understand the system needs”, “convert the needs into system requirements”, “finalize on the right technology”, “circuit design and simulations”, “PCB development”, “product testing and characterization”, “final product qualifications”, “documentation at all stages” and “support on the product mass manufacturing and deployment”.

Our strategic association with component suppliers and deep know-how of their components brings significant value to our customers in making their product reliable while keeping the cost optimal and meeting high standards of product quality. Our core values are: “Transparency with our customers”, “Integrity”, “Commitment to deliver” and “being Empathetic about our customer’s success”.

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