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The modern world is led by innovations, Biometrics has revolutionized the new age technology. In very less time, biometrics has made great technological advancements and has established a niche for itself. Biometrics is the new identity of a person. In fact, a person is better recognized by his unique digital footprint than her/his name. Syncbyte Innovations PVT LTD is one of the leading companies working towards this unique technology and striving continuously to contribute to these technological advancements. What discerns Syncbyte from global players delivering Time and attendance solutions are its technological superiority and its ability to cater distinct personalized solutions to each of its clients. At Syncbyte, products with robust hardware and highly sophisticated software are developed after analysing market requirements.


  • Fingerprint Embedded Module
    • ED 2010 / 2011
  • USB Fingerprint Reader
    • MC01A
  • Fingerprint Mobile Terminal
    • SB100
  • Binocular IRIS Reader
    • SBI322
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