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Sound Components

Based in Hong Kong, Sound Components Limited specializes in developing and manufacturing high-performance acoustic components with the goal of providing added-value product solutions to customers in a wide variety of industries.

Our factory in China which was established in 1997 is where we conduct R&D, engineering and manufacturing operations, while our Hong Kong office, housed with well-trained and experienced team focuses in sales and marketing operations, technical support, and most importantly, we listen and understand your needs.

In order to cater for needs of customers from different industries, Sound Components Limited carries an extensive product range of acoustic components which include Magnetic Buzzers and Transducers, Piezo Buzzers and Transducers, Piezo Element, Condenser and MEMS Microphones, Dynamic Speakers and Receivers, Mechanical Buzzers, and Ultrasonic Sensors, etc.

Established in 1997, our factory specializes in manufacturing audio components with over 10 years’ experience. Our production site located in Shandong, China of over 5,000 sq. meter area has over 600 well-trained workers including 40 in R & D and 32 in QC.

Sound Components highly understands that our customer require products to be of the best quality and function. We adopt stick quality control procedures at each of the manufacturing stages, which include incoming quality control, line operating quality control, and quality assurance. Our production plants were accredited with ISO9001, ISO14001 and SONY GP certificates. Together with our professionally-trained operators and high-experienced management team, we are capable of fulfilling all of our customers’ requirements and offer the best audio solutions.

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