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SkyTraq is a fabless semiconductor company, developing GPS/GNSS chipset & module solutions for consumer navigation and tracking applications. SkyTraq’s high-sensitivity GPS/GNSS technology delivers state-of-the-art TTFF performance and enables operation under indoor and difficult urban canyon environments.

SkyTraq provides solutions to enable rapid system integration. We offer evaluation boards, reference designs, and technical documents to facilitate customer adopting our products. Using SkyTraq’s reference designs and assistance from our highly capable support team, customers can focus their attention on product differentiation instead of GPS/GNSS itself.

Our solutions target consumer and industrial GNSS applications, ranging from standard precision meter-level accuracy to high-precision centimeter-level accuracy.

Product Lines

  • NavIC Rx Module – GPS / GLONASS / GAGAN
  • GNSS Rx Chipset – Dual RF Input & Automatic Antenna Switching
  • GNSS Rx Module – GNSS Receiver Module
  • RTK Rx Module – Precision Heading Application
  • 3D Dead Reckoning Rx Module
      • GNSS Position, Dead-Reckoning, 6-axis IMU, vehicle odometer signal, barometric pressure sensor
  • Timing Module – Chipset for precision timing GPS receiver application
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