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Seiko Instruments

Seiko Instruments excels with Big Technology in Small Packages

From a world-renowned watchmaking heritage comes expertise unsurpassed in the global industry. •Expertise in design miniaturization.

  • Expertise in precision engineering.
  • Expertise in quality manufacturing.

These qualities have contributed to making Seiko Instruments one of the most respected, most powerful names in the world.

And these same qualities are the foundation for over 100 products Seiko Instruments USA offers to customers in the Western Hemisphere.

Whether you are an electronic design engineer; a CAD engineer; a manufacturing engineer; a graphic artist; a business person; the owner of a large enterprise, a small company or a home office; a student; or simply a giver of unique gifts — you can benefit from Seiko Instruments’ Big Technology In Small Packages.

Our goal is to provide you with products that enhance productivity.

Product Lines

  • Electronic Components
    • Quartz Crystal
    • Micro Battery
    • Silver Oxide Battery
    • Superior performance Co-Ni Alloy Product (SPRON)
    • Rare Earth Magnet (DIANET)
  • Printers
    • Thermal Printer
    • Inkjet Printer
  • Smart Label Printers
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