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Redpine Signals

2007First in the industry to launch an ultra-low power single-stream 802.11n chipset.

2009First to pioneer the adoption of self-contained 802.11abgn modules into the then emerging M2M market.

2013Launched world’s first multiprotocol wireless chipset for the Internet of Things (IoT) market – featuring dual-band Wi-Fi, dual-mode BT 4.1, 802.11p, and 802.15.4/ZigBee. Redpine has created multiple products based on this chipset including n-Link (hosted), Connect-ion (embedded), WiSeConnect (advanced embedded), WiSeMCU (embedded module with integrated MCU) and WaveCombo (V2X connectivity) modules.

2018Launched multiple silicon and module products including 802.11n (2.4/5GHz), dual-mode Bluetooth 5 (including Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE), 802.15.4 capable of running Thread or ZigBee and Cortex-M4F. These products include RS9116 (multi-protocol wireless connectivity), RS14100 (multi-protocol wireless MCU), RS13100 (dual-mode BT 5 with MCU) and RS12000 (ultra-low power and high-performance MCUs).

Redpine’s technology spans the complete end-to-end wireless solution (802.11 abgn, Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.1, 802.15.4/ZigBee/Thread, 802.11p, MCU, Integrated Security) and includes an extensive patent portfolio on OFDM, MIMO, embedded processor architectures, and low-power techniques. The company’s offerings include both the hardware and the software as certified (regulatory and protocol compliance) differentiated sub-systems to provide flexibility and ease of integration to the system integrator. This single-stop approach enables Redpine to deliver optimal wireless and MCU solutions to meet customer’s requirements at an optimal price point.

Redpine’s team of industry stalwarts is focused on “Driving Wireless Convergence” into new markets by delivering the leading edge ultra-low power wireless and MCU solutions.

Product Lines

  • IoT Microcontroller – SmartMCU
  • Wireless Secure MCU & Modules – WiFi, BT/ZigBee, Multiprotocol Wireless
  • Hosted Connectivity SoC/Modules – WiFi SoC Modules, Multi-Protocol, High Power Modules (WiFi)
  • Embedded Connectivity – WiFI SoC & Modules, Multiprotocol SoC Modules
  • FIPS 140-2 Connectivity – Dual-Band Wi-Fi modules with the stack, Cryptographic Algo
  • 802.11p V2X Connectivity (WaveCombo) – 802.11p with 80211abgn, BT for DRSC Comms


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