Nexcomm-Asia Franchised Partners

Cirocomm Technology Corp.

“Cirocomm Technology Corp. was established in 1996 as Taiwan’s first microwave ceramic components design and manufacturing company. Today Cirocomm is one of the ceramic frequency component makers, capable of processing from the raw powder materials to finished DR filters and antennas. Cirocomm headquarter is located in Taoyuan City Taiwan, and its main production facility is based in Guantian Dist. in Tainan City Taiwan.”


  • Dielectric Ceramic Filter
    • WiFi 5.8GHZ/2.4GHz Filter
    • LTE, GPS, DSRC Filter
  • 4G-LTE Antenna
    • SMD Chip, FPC, Metal
  • GSM-2G-3G Antenna
    • SMD Chip, FPC, Metal 2G / 3G External
  • GNSS Active / Passive Antenna
    • Patch, SMD, L1+L2 (IRNSS)
  • WiFi / ZigBee BT Antenna
    • 4GHz – FPC, Chip, Patch, SMD
    • 4GHz+5.8GHz Combo Chip
  • NB-IoT Antenna (LPWA)
    • NB-IoT+2.4GHz Combo, Module
  • DSRC 5.9 GHz Antenna
    • Print Chip, 866/915MHz Patch
  • RFID Antenna, NFC Antenna
  • Customized Antenna
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