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Bordison Memory

Bordison Memory is a global supplier of high performance memory products for customers who require cost effective, leading edge performance. We design and develop world class memory products for automotive, industrial, healthcare and communication markets and the product portfolio covers a broad range of high speed and low power SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDRII SDRAM, DDRIII SDRAM.

Bordison is committed to supporting our customers with long product life cycles, short lead times and customer service which meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements. We also focus on providing the best value combination of power, speed, density, quality, reliability and delivery. Continuous upgrade of our design and manufacturing capability is a Bordision commitment to be a long-term, reliable business partner for our customers.

Bordison is headquartered in Salford, UK with worldwide offices located in USA, China, Europe, Hong Kong. We also support and maintain representations in 23 countries.

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