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Avalanche Technology

The Next-Generation MRAM Company

Avalanche Technology, headquartered in Fremont, California, is the world leader in Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM) non-volatile memory leveraging perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (pMTJ) cell structure manufactured on 300mm standard CMOS process.

Backed by more than 300+ granted patents around cell, circuit, and system design leveraging MRAM, our technology and products provide breakthrough speeds, unlimited endurance and non-volatility while reducing power and cost. With such attributes, our technology will serve and exceed our customers’ objectives as a replacement for SRAM, eFlash, and ROM in embedded applications in addition to discrete SRAM, non-volatile SRAM, NOR and DRAM.


  • Discrete MRAM
    • Avalanche’s discrete MRAM devices are the perfect solution in Industrial, Consumer, Storage and IoT, where MRAM is used to enable consistent performance with low power.
    • P-SRAM (Persistent SRAM) Gen 1
      • Density – 4Mbit & 8 Mbit
    • P-SRAM (Persistent SRAM) Gen 2
      • Serial & Parallel


  • Embedded MRAM (8 – 64Mbit)
  • Avalanche’s embedded MRAM macros provided through foundry partners enable quick and efficient implementation of complex and cost effective SoC designs.
    • Embedded MRAM Macro (eMRAM)
      • Analogous to embedded Flash (eFlash) technology
    • Embedded S-MRAM Macro (eSRAM)
      • Analogous to embedded SRAM technology
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