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Retail Lighting

With the right illumination you tell the customers a story and create atmospheres that increase sales.

A good in-store lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere for shoppers and increases the average spend per customer. The NL range of products are versatile; from a cosy homely ambience to a cool industrial ambience.

Several different types of lights (usage of both downlight and tracklight) can be used to bring out the different store concept. By illuminating spaces and exploiting the contrast between light and dark, you have the ability to create a tempting and fascinating atmosphere that appeals your customers. Light can also serve as a path guidance on the directional flow of the shoppers.

Leverage from respective fixture accessories to create a funky or industrial outlook.

NL Sigma
NL Raptor
NL Stella

Supermarket Lighting

Create the bestselling environment for both affordable price levels and more exclusive products. Supermarkets are known for their wide open and airy atmosphere. A well-lit up surrounding will encourage customers to relax and discover. To create an airy and open space in supermarkets, the NL trunking system – SPLINE is used.

This system allows flexibility and usage of several different types of lighting such as accent light, spotlights to address the respective area needs.Nice fresh food sections can also be a powerful differentiator from the rest. An appealing illuminated fresh food does inspire purchases and improve store turnover.

Food Lighting

Food lighting needs are very diverse; dry foods on vertical shelving units, fruits and vegetables on islands, meats and fish in cooled counters. The following lights are design to cater to the different produce.

To bring out the red colours in meat, high quality red rendering and saturated light is needed. This can however lead to an overly strong pink light effect. The NL COB for meat assures that white colours, such as ice or fat in larger pieces of meat, are rendered white and fresh.

“Fresh” should be the first thing in customers minds when looking at seafood. The NL 5000K COB for fish gives seafood a cool, fresh & brilliant look.

The scent of freshly baked bread is a great sales tool in stores. Illuminating bakery goods with the NL 2400K COB ensures this section looks invitingly warm and golden as well.

“Fresh” should be the first thing in customers minds when looking at seafood. The NL 5000K COB for fish gives seafood a cool, fresh & brilliant look.

With NL Food Lighting, the unique oval beam reflector reduces both hotspot & chance of damaging the meat and sensitive fresh food items.


It elongates the normally round light image of accent lighting unit to give increased control over what is illuminated. The end result is food desks that are lit-up perfectly without bright or dark spots.

No light is wasted and the focus of the customer is drawn to the produce without distraction.

Shelf Lighting

Aisles can be lit up with a double asymmetric optics – the NL EXO II.This type of optic focuses the light and the customers’ attention towards the goods on the shelves.The aisle floors are illuminated less to create a contrast with the goods on display.

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate with the right lighting in the right place to create safe environments

The main focus when planning outdoor lighting is to create functional and safe working environment. In ports, large industries and other potentially dangerous locations clear vision is absolutely essential to prevent people from risking their lives.

NL Raptor
NL Sigma
NL Stella
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